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CPD Video - Carefully Managing your Online Presence - Kate Anthony

Kate Anthony 

On Friday 26th October 2012 The Psychologists Protection Society Trust invited Dr Kate Anthony to speak on the topic "Carefully Managing Your Online Presense".  The session was part of the Psychologists Protection Society's 2012 AGM held in Edinburgh.

Dr Kate Anthony is a leading expert on the use of technology in therapy.  She is co-editor and co-author of three textbooks on the subject, as well as numerous articles, chapters and journals. Her doctoral thesis was Developing Counselling and Psychotherapy in the Age of Technology and the Internet. She is co-founder of the Online Therapy Institute. 

This session will look at a range of online resources available to practitioners and how to ensure they are used in a way that doesn't compromise a therapeutic relationship. 

The event proved very popular, with over 250 therapists watching the event live online and in person at the Edinburgh Training & Conference Centre. The video has now been edited and is available to watch online for those who could manage to attend the event online or in person.

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