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Welcome to The Professional Practitioner Portal

PPS Logo"The Professional Practitioner" portal is an online resource dedicated to promoting high standards of professional practice by practitioners in the talking and listening therapy services.  The portal has been created by the Psychologists Protection Society Trust, a defence organisation, run for the benefit of members who are counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists.  The main purpose of The Psychologists Protection Society is to provide members with assistance when complaints are received from clients and other professional protection matters. The Trust however also has a further objective: to help members avoid problems where possible, by providing education and advice to members and to promote high standards of professional practice.  

This portal contains a variety of content, including articles, events, CPD activities, documents from the PPS archives, etc which are available to all members.  We will add new content from time to time so it is worth "bookmarking" this page.  

It is hoped members will find the content thought-provoking and members will be encouraged to think more about areas of their professional practice where problems can arise and whether or not these problems can be avoided.  If you are not a member of The Psychologists Protection Society and would like to join us, please visit to find out more.

When Did Grief Get So Complicated - CPD Video

Susan Delaney

This session with Dr Susan Delaney looks at the types of grief and questions whether grief should ever be considered a disorder.

Remembering Alfred Adler - CPD Video

David Carey Presentation

This session with Dr David Carey examines the life and achievements of Alfred Adler and attempts to put meaning and purpose to his legacy.

Managing the Erotic Transference - CPD Video

Dwan Devereux

Dawn Devereux looks at Managing the erotic transference; preventing escalation and avoiding harm. Dr Devereux explores the issues and focuses on actions, suggesting how such transferences might be contained.

Therapists Drift - CPD Video

James Hawkins

This session with James Hawkins asks if therapists become less effective the longer they practice? Dr Hawkins looks at emerging research that suggests they do and ways of addressing this disturbing situation.



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